A Letter From the Executive Director


On July 9, 2013 South Sudan will celebrate its second anniversary as a sovereign state since it seceded from the North Sudan in 2011. Although the excitement of an independent country is still in the air, the harsh reality has set in. Two years on, it’s still extremely difficult for the people of South Sudan to purchase adequate food and other basic necessities as well as access to clean water. South Sudan faces serious development challenges, and many observers assert that it will take years to see sustained economic growth. The main challenges two years on include the absence of good infrastructure and skilled labor. Transportation is a major problem due to lack of roads, and the only major airport, with limited capacity, is in the regional capital, Juba.

In addition, the shutdown of crude oil export that has been enforce for over a year, due to the collapse of an adequate agreement between South and North Sudan, has also constrained the government of South Sudan in terms of social services provision. The lack of funds adds more misery to an already impoverished people of South Sudan. Although it is anticipated that a newly signed agreement will soon begin the flow of oil, the revenue will not have an effect for several months at best.
We at South Sudan Voices of Hope are grateful for your prayers and support over the years. It has enabled us to provide humanitarian services ranging from food, medical supplies, seeds, farm implements, goats to the widows and orphans for the last six years.
 Encouraged by your support, we are embarking on a new phase of our mission. Beginning this summer, South Sudan Voices of Hope will introduce first phase of our eight year economic development projects. These projects are geared towards economic self reliance such as women empowerment, skill training through vocational training programs such as tailoring, carpentry, and brick making.
We are pleased to inform you that Mr. Kenneth Elisapana, Founder & Executive Director of South Sudan Voices of Hope and Rev. Tony Asta, Chairman, will leave for Africa this June on our Hope Happens 2013 Mission trip. Our key goals are to:
  • Dig a water well at the base to help serve Jambo village, a community of 100,000, and
  • Acquire piece of land to construct Hope Happens compound, which will serve as a community, medical, educational and vocational center facility (see the rest of the newsletter for more information)
 Hope Happens Campus will be a collaborative effort with local leadership to provide basic resources to the community. It is our hope to establish campuses in strategic rural areas to promote self-sustaining programs such as basic medical services, vocational training, and other community services.
We are therefore asking for your continuous prayers and support for Hope Happens 2013 as we work towards these goals.
Once again on behalf of the staff of South Sudan Voices of Hope and People of South Sudan, we thank you for your continued prayers and support.
Kenneth Elisapana
Founder & Executive Director
South Sudan Hope