Hope Happens Campus

As the Republic of South Sudan is still in its infancy, the people of South Sudan are forging a new future as an independent country. After generations of South Sudanese have only known war and conflict, they find themselves in a hopeful yet uncertain time. Throughout this war torn country, basic infrastructure and necessities are scarce. Especially hard hit are more rural environments.
Development Challenges….Our Response
South Sudan faces serious development challenges, and many observers assert that it will take years to see sustained economic growth. The main challenges include the absence of good infrastructure and skilled labor. In the education sector, important progress has been made over the past several years, literacy rates remain low. Transportation is a major problem due to lack of roads, and the only major airport, with limited capacity, is in the regional capital, Juba. Telephone services are limited to major towns and dependent on cell phone services from Uganda and Khartoum. Many Southern Sudanese do not have access to electric power.
In consultation with local leaders, officials and ministers, South Sudan Voices of Hope is excited to announce its latest project: Hope Happens Campus. Hope Happens Campus is a collaborative effort with local leadership to provide basic resources to the community. It is our hope to establish these campuses in strategic rural areas to promote health, education and community.
Hope Happens Campus will provide

  • Clean Water
  • Basic Medical Services
  • Vocational training
  • Early education
  • Community services
A typical campus consists of
Water Source:
Access to clean water is the number 1 health concern for those in remote and rural areas. Wells can play an important role in ensuring the health and well being of a community. Water tanks in rural communities will not only ease the health problems caused by drinking dirty water and time spend looking for water but also provide economic development opportunities through irrigation.
Hope Medical Clinic:
The construction and implementation of the Hope Medical Clinic will provide first respondent care. The clinic will provide 3 outfitted rooms (with beds, diagnostic/examination equipment, etc.) where trained staff nurses will provide;
Vaccinations – Prevention Care (treated nets to prevent malaria)
  • Treatment of minor injuries
  • Treatment of some skin conditions
  • Limited diagnostics
  • Treatment of minor illnesses and infections
  • Wellness
  • Distribution of Medicines
  • Level IV trauma center to include initial evaluation, stabilization, diagnostic capabilities
The facility will provide visiting doctors and optometrists, dentists a place to administer basic care.
Vocational Center:
As prospects for entering the global market place open up, SSVOH will bring in expertise to provide basic knowledge and skills to the community in various areas such as mechanical training, brick making, welding, carpentry, tailoring, plumbing, computer training, etc.
Educational Center:
Our goal is to significantly increase the economic viability of the region through education. New Sudan Grade School will be a four class room facility that would provide education facilities for 200 children from grades 1 to 4. Teachers will be provided with adequate materials to teach language, math, reading and writing, and the sciences. Each student will have appropriate books and materials, and a desk.
Guest House:
Our campus would provide a place for mission groups, teams or individuals to come and stay as they engage the community by providing expertise in the areas of medical, educational, economic etc.
Community Center:
South Sudan has always been under the rule of another nation or other peoples. This is the first time in their history where they are in a position to forge their own identity. Local leaders have cited that a dedicated facility would foster peace, pride and community. The Community Center would be used for;
  • Community events
  • Celebrations and Commemorations
  • Public Communications
  • Music, Theater, Arts
Other aspects of a Hope Happens Campus that are under consideration are Recreational Center and Communications Center
Why Jambo?
Jambo is the birth place of Kenneth Elisapana, the Founder and Executive Director of South Sudan Voices of Hope. It is also a strategic administrative town during British colonial rule until 1956 and continue to be so to the present day because of its proximity to Juba, the capital of Republic of south Sudan. It’s the gate way to Western Equatoria, Lake state, Warap State, Northern Bahr-El-Ghazal, and Western Bahr-El-Ghazal…etc. because one of the important south Sudan highway that runs from Juba goes through Jambo. Jambo is also the exit route for all local commodities going to Juba, and it’s also the entry route for all the important goods coming from Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, through Juba to the states listed above. As such it provides South Sudan Voices of Hope with real opportunities for getting in supplies, volunteers coming for short term mission trip, visiting doctors and nurses and other efforts to support our mission.