Operation Give Hope 2006

South Sudan Voices of Hope March 2006 African Trip Newsletter.


In March 2006 Rev. Samuel Kayanga Deputy Director of South Sudan Voices of Hope, Relief and Development and I went to Mvolo County, South Sudan to carry on with the ongoing projects.

There is political stability in South Sudan, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains after January, 2005 Peace Agreement that was signed between Khartoum and Juba, even though the situation in Darfur is still unstable. The main challenge facing New Sudan is infrastructure which has been completely destroyed after 21 years of economic and political instability.


Operation Give Hope was launched in response to meet some of these needs and more operations are yet to come this year and following years. Below are some photos taken during the trip.


Our sincere thanks goes to Laurrette, Hands of Hope, Vicky Wauterlek, Rural Restoration, Dean Cernek, Free Evangelical Church of Gratiot. Our sincere thanks also goes to the First Baptist Church of Geneva (FBCG), Union Chapel Baptist Church Marion, Indiana and many individuals whom I cannot mention all here one by one for their contributions without which this trip could have not been successful.


Here are some updates on ongoing projects and new projects initiated in the March 2006 trip:

Medical Supplies

Malaria and Typhoid are predominately existing diseases in Mvolo. SSVOH purchased much needed medication to help treat some of the sick.

The community did not receive any medical supplies since my last trip in February 2005. They were grateful for the supplies we took last year and they are now looking forward for the completion of Hope Medical Center to help the community if given funds for the projects.

Water Well (Bore Hole)

Clean drinking water is one of the major challenges for the community in Mvolo. Due to lack of clean water diseases spread quickly in a very short period of time. Below are the pictures of daily struggle of women in search of clean drinking water for their families.


In response to such need SSVOH is putting one bore hole to cater for more than 200, 000 people in the community. I left the company we hired to dig the well in Mvolo to survey the water table. We shall send you pictures of the completed and functional well.

Definitely one well is not enough for such a big number of people so we need to put some wells there so that people can have easy access to clean water. This will reduce the amount of time women spend in search for water. Behind Mvolo county authority standing in this picture is the site where the well is going to be dug.



The construction of the clinic is in progress. We have got enough bricks and man power to do the job but more building materials are needed. For example, cement, nails, iron sheets, furniture and labor cost. Below are the pictures of truck I rented to transfer some of the building material we bought for the construction.


Distribution of Clothes and Shoes

SSVOH also distributed second hand clothes and shoes to the community. This time we had more people in the community then the previous trip because many refugees and the internal displaced persons are now returning home.

The reality is that they have nothing to help themselves as they start there new lives in Mvolo, South Sudan. Therefore, we want to be there for them to meet some of their urgent and long term needs.


Goat Project

Livestock is vital part of a family’s economy and survival in the Sudan. Traditionally, before the introduction of monetary system, Chicken, goats, sheep and cows were used for marriage to pay dowry as well as for barter trade.

Today goats not only help with marriage but it continuous to play a significant role in helping families send their children to school by selling the goat to pay the school fees and buy school uniform.

Goats also help single mothers, widows and orphans to buy items that otherwise they could not afford. For example, they can sell the goat to buy salt, clothes; shoes just to mention a few.

This year through the help of Hands of HOPE we bought 200 goats for one hundred families. Below are some of the pictures of families who benefited from this project. There are still more people on our list waiting for the goats but we ran out of money.


Creation of Civil Society

SSVOH is actively involved in building of civil society in the war torn South Sudan and hope. Please see the pictures below


After 21 years of social, political and economic instability comprehensive peace agreement (CPA) was signed between South Sudan and Islamic government based in Khartoum. Because of the current stability SSVOH is helping the youth in the transition from gun culture to civil society and hope in Jesus Christ.

The first picture was of a boy who knew nothing but war culture. He lost both his parents and his siblings. The second picture I am handing over soccer ball to the youth representative and city officials to help the youth socialize with each other but also to engage them in sports activities (steward of the body).

Praises in this Trip

Praise God for the safe trip.

A week before I left the truck that went ahead of us was attacked and destroyed. The driver was killed and two other passengers survived with serious gun wounds. Below see the picture of what was left of the truck.


One hundred families benefited from the goat project. The families will now be able to send the children to school and buy basic necessities once the goats start to give birth.


Many lives were saved because of the medicines we brought.


Many families were able to get clothes on the back.


Once the well is completed it will benefit the community and in particular women from the amount of time they spent in search of water.


We are in need of financial support to:

  1. For the completion of the clinic.
  2. To help more orphans, widows and refugees who are returning from refugee camps in Kenya or Uganda to receive goats.
  3. We need A 4 wheel vehicle to facilitate transportation.
  4. To keep the flow of medical supplies for the community.
  5. To provide seeds and tools for farming.
  6. Training of Pastors, Nurses and community Health Workers.
  7. To dig 5 more wells for the community.

For financial donation please send your donation to:

929 S. Mayfield Avenue
Chicago, IL 60644

(773) 261-6213

Website at www.southsudanhope.org


Why Donate?

Why donate to South Sudan Voices of Hope Relief and Development? Why invest time, energy, and money in South Sudan when there are so many other competing needs and worthy priorities?

Perhaps the answer is because you’ve seen lives changed by the work of South Sudan Voices of Hope Relief and Development from the above pictures and you want to see that same transformation in the lives of many through this organization.

Perhaps it is because you resonate with our vision to see South Sudan Voices of Hope Relief and Development become one of the best organization delivering services to the least and the lost.

Perhaps you understand the need to prepare highly trained, deeply passionate young people who will someday take roles of leadership in the war torn south Sudan with a servant’s heart.

Perhaps it is because you believe, like I do, that South Sudan Voices of Hope Relief and Development is a place where lives are shaped for kingdom service and you want to help this ministry ensure the harvest. Your gift today directly touches the lives of many people in south Sudan.

Thank you.