Operation Give Hope 2007

South Sudan Voices of Hope March 2007 African Trip Newsletter.

In February/March 2007 Rev. Samuel Kayanga Deputy Director of South Sudan Voices of Hope,
Relief and Development and I went to Mvolo County, South Sudan to carry on with the ongoing projects.

2005 peace agreement that was signed between South Sudan and National Islamic Government (NIF) brought political stability in South Sudan, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains. However, the situation in Darfur continues to get worse and worse each day.

While in the South the main challenge facing New Sudan is infrastructure which has been completely destroyed after 21 years of Social, Economic and political instability that left the people without clean drinking water, hospitals, schools and many other basic social services.

Operation Endurance was launched in response to meet some of these needs and more operations are yet to come this year and following years. Below are some photos taken during the trip.
Our sincere thanks go to Hands of Hope, Vicky Wauterlek, Laurette Grove, and Gary United Methodist Church in Wheaton, Illinois. Our sincere thanks also go to Fairview Baptist Church Kokomo, David and Ann Ihms and many individuals whom I cannot mention all here one by one for their contributions without which this trip could have not been successful.

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Why donate to South Sudan Voices of Hope Relief and Development? Why invest time, energy, and money in South Sudan when there are so many other competing needs and worthy priorities?

Perhaps the answer is because you’ve seen lives changed by the work of South Sudan Voices of Hope Relief and Development from the above pictures and you want to see that same transformation in the lives of many through this organization.

Perhaps it is because you resonate with our vision to see South Sudan Voices of Hope Relief and Development become one of the best organization delivering services to the least and the lost.

Perhaps you understand the need to prepare highly trained, deeply passionate young people who will someday take roles of leadership in the war torn south Sudan with a servant’s heart.

Perhaps it is because you believe, like I do, that South Sudan Voices of Hope Relief and Development is a place where lives are shaped for kingdom service and you want to help this ministry ensure the harvest. Your gift today directly touches the lives of many people in south Sudan.

Thank you.