Operation Give Hope 2008

South Sudan Voices of Hope May 2008 African Trip Newsletter.

Dear Friends,

The true stories of Sudanese persecution survivors recounting cruelty, rape, slavery and mass murder that took place in Southern Sudan, Nuba Mountains and Southern Blue Nile over the past 21 years are hard for many people here in the United States and the Western world to imagine.

Southern Sudan has been devastated by years of war, everything has been destroyed, roads, homes, schools, wells, clinics for many years the people of Southern Sudan had lost hope of ever returning to their homeland.

The peace agreement that was singed in January 2005 between South Sudan and National Islamic Front (NIF) Khartoum Government has rekindled that hope and many are returning home to rebuild their lives in the face of overwhelming challenges.

These are social, economic, educational, health and infrastructure in general. Operation Give Hope # 2 May 2008 was launched in response to meet some of these needs and more operations are yet to come this year and following years.

However, we must not forget the peace agreement that was signed between South Sudan and National Islamic Government (NIF) only brought relative political stability in South Sudan, Blue Nile and Nuba Mountains. But the situation in Darfur (Western Sudan) continues to get worse and worse each day.

In May 2008 Kenneth Elisapana Executive Director and Founder of South Sudan Voices of Hope traveled to Mvolo County, South Sudan to see our staff working at the SSVOH compound, goat project designed to help widows, orphans, the most vulnerable in the community, Internal Displaced persons (IDPs), Returnees and ongoing construction of Hope medical center.

This SSVOH commitment to alleviate suffering and bring hope to the communities torn by war, famine, disease, lack of access to the economic, educational, infrastructure and development benefits we all enjoy here in the United States and western world in general. In partnership with our donors and local communities, our goal is to empower the people through sustainable development.

Here are some pictures of the trip taken in Uganda and Southern Sudan to help you see through the eyes of suffering people of Southern Sudan in the recent 2008 African trip.

Our sincere thanks goes to Hands of Hope, Vicky Wauterlek, Laurette Grove, Gary United Methodist Church in Wheaton, Illinois, Fairview Baptist Church Kokomo, Indiana, St. Peter’s Church in East Gate, United Kingdom and many individuals whom I cannot mention all here one by one for their generous contributions without which this trip could have not been successful.



In my recent I found many returning refugees from neighboring countries known returnees living in a very poor condition.
In addition many families who were displaced by war internally are now returning to their burnt and completely destroyed villages.

The combination of these two situation made the local authority to call for emergency relief to assist with emergency food supplies, clothing and medical supplies:

Below is picture of Kenneth Elisapana meeting with the County Commissioner discussing the emergency relief and pictures of IDPs and returnees.

2. Completion of the SSVOH compound in Mvolo, South Sudan

After one year of intense work by Alfred Sops SSVOH base manager and other four staff members.
Finally the base is complete and functional.

SSVOH Compound May 2008:

Kenneth Elisapana

On the Right is our watchman, Center is Kenneth and on the left is Alfred our compound manager.



Malaria and Typhoid are predominately existing diseases in Mvolo.
SSVOH purchased much needed medical supplies to treat the sick and prevent new infections.
We also brought water purification tablets to purify water collected from ponds and rivers until
SSVOH is able to raise enough funds to put 6 bore holes towards the end of this year and year 2009.

In response to such need SSVOH this year bought water purifier tablets from Uganda and transported to Mvolo.
One tablet can purify 20 liters of water taken from the river or pound for drinking for family four (4) for one day.

However our goal in 2008 and half of 2009 is to drill 6 bore holes around Mvolo, Kotobi, Mundri and Jambo.
Water purifiers are great instant relief to the community because it prevents community from drinking dirty
unfiltered water and especially children.

However, this is not a long term solution because water born disease are one of the leading cause of children’s death together with Malaria, typhoid TB and other tropical diseases which are not even diagnosed.

Preventative measures are important but since there is peace in Southern Sudan, South Sudan Voices of Hope together with its partners are working toward long term sustainable projects like bore holes that can be there to serve the communities for generation come. That is why we proposed to dig 6 wells in the next half of this year and spring of 2009.

The construction of the clinic is progress, the concrete foundation is now complete and half of the building is already up. Once completed it will be the beacon of the community for research to the many un diagnosed tropical diseases that have claimed many lives and still claiming especially of the children. Below are some pictures of Hope Medical center under construction.


Every year SSVOH distribute clothes and shoes to the community.
This year children from Blast Camp Gary United Methodist Church, Wheaton, Illinois
donated T-Shirts to the children in Mvolo, South Sudan.

Below is a picture taken distributing the shirts by Alfred Sops,
Compound Manager South Sudan Voices of Hope and Kenneth Elisapana, Executive Director and Founder SSVOH May 2008.
What a joy to see such colorful shirts from Illinois, United States impacted lives of the children in Mvolo, South Sudan.
Livestock is vital part of a family’s economy and survival in the Sudan.
Traditionally, before the introduction of monetary system, Chicken, goats, sheep and cows were used
for marriage to pay dowry as well as for barter trade.

Today goats not only help with marriage but it continuous to play a significant role in helping families
send their children to school by selling the goat to pay the school fees and buy school uniform.

Goats also help single mothers, widows and orphans to buy items that otherwise they could not afford.
For example, they can sell the goat to buy salt, clothes; shoes just to mention a few.

Through the financial support from Hands of HOPE we are able to buy goats for need families.
Below are some of the pictures of families who benefited from this project. There are many families in our
waiting list for goats but financially we could provide all of them with goats this time.



Finally after long waiting to hear from IRS, SSVOH is finally granted 501 (C) 3 status:
B. Praise God for the safe trip to and from Mvolo, South Sudan this year May 2008.
C. Completion of the SSVOH compound in Mvolo, South Sudan
E. Goats:
Many families benefited from the goat project. The families will now be able to send the children to school and buy basic necessities once the goats start to give birth.
D. Medical supplies and water purification:
Many lives were saved because of the medicines brought by SSVOH.
E. Clothes:
Thanks to Gary United Methodist Church, many children in Mvolo, South Sudan received T-Shirts.

After long wait, finally SSVOH is awarded the tax exempt status 501 (C) 3 which is the Hallmark of our achievement in 2008. As a result of that SSVOH have made internal re-organization of our operation now that we are officially registered charity in the United States.


South Sudan Voices of Hope after its 2008 annual board meeting will expand its honorary board and recruit more volunteers to fill growing need of our operation.


Mvolo, South Sudan
Due to the growing demand for services particularly with lot of returnees returning from the neighboring countries, and Internal Displaces Person (IDPs) SSVOH Africa offices has been re-organized as follows, Alfred Sops shall continue as Compound manager with his assistant, one watchman and two janitors.

Juba, South Sudan:
Rev. Samuel Kayanga:

Samuel Kayanga shall continue as the deputy director for SSVOH of Africa. He will guide and advise all the operation in Africa and any other duties assigned by and through directives of the Executive Director.
James Biro shall now be the Operation manager for the whole of South Sudan,Nuba mountains, Blue Nile and Dartur, this will help Alfred to concentrate on the daily task in Mvolo, South Sudan.
James brought with him years of experience in private sector as well as Non-profit, an accountant by training he will be overseeing all the administrative and logistical operation of SSVOH in South Sudan and Darfur once we expand our operation in Western Sudan. James will be assisted by Michael Khamis, but Michael will also be in charge of information technology ( IT )

As we expand our operation, Dr. Washington Kamau will be Operation Manager Nairobi, Kenya to facilitate our operation once we start shipping goods through the port of Mombasa, Kenya and transport them to South Sudan.
We are in need of financial support to:

For the completion of Hope Medical center.
To keep the flow of medical supplies for the community
To support 2 full time nurses and laboratory technician with salaries.
To Support 5 full time staff in our compound
To support training of community Health Workers.
To dig 6 more wells for the community.
Funds to purchase 4 satellite phones for communication between SSVOH staff on the ground, Juba, Kenya and the United States.
To provide funds/goats for more orphans, widows, Internal Displaced People (IDPs) and returnees who are returning from refugee camps in Kenya or Uganda and neighboring countries .
Construction of 4 classes
To provide seeds and tools for farming community
We need A 4 wheel vehicle to facilitate our operation in Africa.

For financial donations please send your donation to:



(773) 261-6213
(773) 315-5495

Website at www: southsudanhope.org

Why donate to South Sudan Voices of Hope Relief and Development? Why invest time, energy, and money in South Sudan when there are so many other competing needs and worthy priorities?

Perhaps the answer is because you’ve seen lives changed by the work of South Sudan Voices of Hope Relief and Development from the above pictures and you want to see that same transformation in the lives of many through this organization.

Perhaps it is because you resonate with our vision to see South Sudan Voices of Hope Relief and Development becomes one of the best organization delivering services to the least and the lost.

Perhaps you understand the need to prepare highly trained, deeply passionate young people who will someday take roles of leadership in the war torn south Sudan with a servant’s heart through our educational program (starting schools partnering with local government in South Sudan) .

Perhaps it is because you believe, like I do, that South Sudan Voices of Hope Relief and Development is a place where lives are shaped for kingdom service and you want to help this ministry ensure the harvest. Your gift today directly touches the lives of many people in south Sudan.

Thank you.